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Leveraging the powers of big data and quantitative research, MKT provides entirely new perspectives on financial assets. Our technology transforms information extracted from millions of sources into actionable insights applied to the financial markets.

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We continuously gather data from hundreds of millions of sources and apply proprietary algorithms to perform real-time quantitative analysis, delivering financial institutions completely new perspectives on financial assets.
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Pioneering big data applications for financial institutions, we gather data from thousands of media sources and many millions of individual sources.
Leveraging exceptional team of technologists and scientists, we provide critical data-driven answers in the field of financial economics.
We deliver orthogonal asset pricing, risk, liquidity, and event-specific predictions to some of the world's most sophisticated institutions.


MKT bellwether suite captures broad views and attitudes toward local and global economies, politics and various other topics to which institutional investors are most attuned.



Based on data collected from thousands of media sources, MKT derives a set of indicators to predict returns, risks, liquidity and linkages of a large cross-section of firms.



MKT estimates the likelihood of earnings surprises and returns around announcements of retailers based on data aggregated from many millions of individual sources.

US Midterm Elections Update

The upcoming 2018 US midterm elections are taking place on Tuesday, November 6. All 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate are being contested. In addition, gubernatorial elections are held in 36 US states, three US territories, and the mayor of the District of Columbia.

6 Nov 2018
Global Trade War -- Media Update

The purpose of this report is to provide perspectives and insights from the media regarding these recent economic events by focusing on global trades related articles. We take a thematic analysis approach by which each item in our large depository of media articles is tagged as either related to global trade or not. We use the fraction of trade-related articles to total articles as a proxy for media’s interest in global trade. This report examines the extent to which recent events are reflected by the national news media as well as in the media coverage of firm-level equities.

31 Aug 2018

Big Data Driven Insights For Institutional Investors