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We are always looking for bright individuals to join our growing team of scientists, researchers and developers. Candidates with various degrees of experience, from most curious high school students to world‐renowned tenured professors, are welcome.

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Open Positions

Quantitative Researcher

We are looking for a qualified quant researcher to perform empirical asset‐pricing analyses leveraging unique datasets. The successful candidate is expected to master cross‐sectional and time‐series methodologies, be fluent in working with big datasets and have a genuine desire to push the frontiers of the profession.

  • Master /Phd (preferred) in quantitative discipline from a top-tier university

  • 2+ years of quantitative analysis experience

  • Data analysis / programming skills (Python, Matlab, SAS)

  • Asset pricing techniques (Fama-Macbeth, portfolio sorts, Jagadeesh & Titman)

  • Team spirit with the ability to work independently

  • Analyze big data sets to identify characteristics and biases

  • Convert raw data into economically meaningful indicators

  • Conduct statistical analysis and backtesting across asset classes

  • Integrate models into production environment

Good to have
  • Advanced statistics including multivariate regressions, PCA, etc.

  • Machine learning and Natural Language Processing

  • Strong interpersonal and writing skills

  • Large systems experience

Software Engineer

We are looking for a hard-core, full stack engineer to join our growing team. The successful candidate is expected to take a significant part in the development of core server products supporting data collection, statistical analysis, and model implementation of machine learning and NLP programs. We leverage most advanced technologies, and require an energetic person with the power to drive large-scale project efforts into successful and timely completions.

  • Developer at heart, openness to learn, and desire to experiment and implement new technologies.

  • 2+ years of experience

  • Application Servers experience (e.g., Tomcat, Jetty, etc.)

  • Design and implementation experience

  • Desire and capacity to work in a dynamic environment

  • Lead project development including end-to-end delivery

  • Code design and code writing

  • Research new technologies and lead integration as necessary

  • System deployment, configuration and Integration

  • Integration and production monitoring

Good to have
  • Graduate of a top university 

  • Java Spring, Python, SQL and NoSQL experience

  • Linux, AWS cloud services

  • Statistics, mathematics, and financial markets -- knowledge and libraries

  • Large systems experience

  • Team spirit with the ability to work independently

Financial Content Analyst

The Financial Content Analyst sits between the company’s data science, financial economics, and business development teams; utilizing our proprietary Narratives platform the analyst will identify emerging financial economic narratives on which she/he report using various content distribution formats including daily updates, ad-hoc data driven sound-bites, weekly reports and thought leadership notes.


As the company content-specialist, the analyst will also provide support and guidance to the data science team insofar as defining raw data input channels, and evaluating both input and output streams.

  • MSc / PhD  in Economics, Finance or Computer Science

  • Outstanding writing skills (writing samples will be required)

  • Strong analytical mind and creative attitude 

  • Solid verbal communication and organizational skills 

  • Proficiency in Excel, statistical analysis including time series analysis.

  • Genuine interest in economics and familiarity with financial market concepts including quant investing

  • Excellent organizational skills, ability to multitask and work in dynamic environment


Financial Analytics

  • Idea generation – uncover market driving narratives. Guide R&D in the development of internal and client-facing dashboards to improve delivery of insights

  • Support - help internal and external clients in the process of extracting narratives including specific use-case customizations

  • Reports – produce customized, periodic and ad-hoc data-driven reports; develop creative data solutions

Marketing Support

  • Manage the company social footprint and blog

  • Assist sales and business development teams in producing insights to improve demos and presentation materials

Good to have
  • BSc in computer science / Data analytics certification

  • Experience in journalism and/or professional writing

  • Familiarity with statistical programming (Python) and databases (SQL)

  • Machine learning and Natural Language Processing

  • Strong interpersonal and writing skills

  • Large systems experience

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