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Quantifying Financial Economic Narratives

MKT MediaStats is an AI platform that transforms millions of unstructured media and behavioral data points to actionable insights driving better investment and operational decisions, enabling portfolio managers, risk professionals, strategists, political analysts, and financial-product marketers to improve performance.

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Powerful contextualization of unstructured data.

Developed through exceptional collaboration between world renowned financial economists, computer and data scientists, MediaStats continuously scans massive amounts of data from millions of media and behavioral channels to contextually identify emerging financial economic narratives and evaluate their impacts on financial assets, the global economy, geopolitics and thousands of other investment, risk and operational metrics.

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MediaStats Narratives

Advanced technology continuously evaluates the sensitivities of financial and economic variables to emerging narratives and assesses their impact on portfolios and business outcomes.

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Alpha Indicators

MediaStats AI technology systematically detects and corrects for biases in millions of data points to generate media- and consumer behavior-derived indicators, providing clients with information edge pertaining to global stocks, sectors, country equity, FX, fixed income, and cryptocurrency markets.

Financial Market Strategy

Macro strategists utilize MediaStats Narratives to identify emerging narratives and shed light on the forces driving markets and economies. Measures include the monetary tone of central banks, individual policy makers, as well as hundreds of bottom-up and top-down indicators. 

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Thematic Baskets/Indexes

The MediaStats platform systematically quantifies hundreds of intangible market-driving narratives and long-lasting, evergreen themes. Estimation of security-level sensitivities and the construction of investable baskets to track innovations in narratives are performed dynamically. Examples include carbon emission, disruption tech. and inflation.

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Political Strategy/Analysis

MediaStats rich reservoirs of local and national media sources are analyzed to quantify voter attitudes toward political candidates by population segment. The platform identifies narratives significantly affecting candidate performance, helping manage campaign strategies and predict election outcomes with higher precision.

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Risk Assessment

Portfolio exposures to hundreds of otherwise invisible risks (e.g., trade-conflicts, weather, elections, retail trading sentiment, supply shortages, etc.) are estimated by aggregating security-level sensitivities to such narratives. Emerging risks and their portfolio implications under various narrative realization scenarios are continuously estimated.

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Advisory Services

MediaStats investment advisory services leverage our expertise in quantifying financial and economic narratives. We transform complex data into actionable insights, providing advisory solutions that empower institutions to make informed investment decisions to achieve their financial goals. For more information and fees see here.


Our Partners

We place great value and focus on a few selective partnerships to bring our powerful tools and products to a broader institutional audience.


MKT MediaStats partnered with State Street Global Markets to bring to market the State Street MediaStats Series, a suite of media and consumer behavior-derived indicators targeting institutional clients.

MSCI partner logo

MKT MediaStats collaborated with MSCI to bring to market a suite of indexes using data derived from advanced AI applied to big, unstructured data sets.


MKT MediaStats collaborates with Deloitte to advance research and technological innovation.

Factset partner logo

Through partnership with State Street and FactSet, MediaStats users access rich content sets on the Open:FactSet Marketplace.

Join Us, We're Hiring

We are constantly looking for bright individuals to join our growing team of scientists, researchers and developers. We are looking for candidates who think beyond‐the‐box and are sufficiently “hands‐on” to implement their ideas.

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